08 Apr

When I created this space I had one clear goal: I wanted parents/caregivers/educators to have a place where they could come to find actionable ideas to help their children manage big feelings, make friends, and be compassionate humans. Why? Because I so desperately want all of these things for my kids. Because I spend hours reading books/articles, listening to podcasts, researching tools and strategies, watching webinars, practicing on my kids, and attending workshops and I have all of this information and ideas in my head and I want to share them with the world! 

I took a break from this space for the past 3 months as I adjusted to returning to work and started coordinating LJ’s Special Ed evaluations. My new job has been a perfect fit. In this position I have had the opportunity to attend conferences, read books (during work hours!), develop a 2 hour class on how to promote emotional regulation, and learn new strategies and put them to use supporting parents of children living with mental illness. I have loved every single second! I come home so fired up and want to do more for parents and kids alike! 

This motivation led me to write 3 additional children’s book manuscripts and register to become a certified parent coach! 

Which leads me back to this space and what I have planned for the future. The mission is the same. I want to help parents help their kids. I don’t want to just talk at parents (or kids) about things like social-emotional learning or behavior management. I want to bring these concepts to life. Through stories. Through my favorite products. With playful and doable strategies. I want to take these complex ideas and abstract concepts and bring them “in the wild”.

Because parenting doesn't always happen like it does in books or in classes. Parenting happens in the wild. In our “natural” environments of home, school, the grocery store, restaurants, friend’s houses, etc. 

The new name and eventually the new offerings reflect this revitalized mission of supporting parents in the wild. 

Stay tuned! 

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