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Lennon Bruce Fire Breather

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Calling All Fire Breathers

Join Me for Story Time!

Enjoy a full reading of Lennon Bruce Fire Breather. Practice breathing fire and learning ways to bring the book to life.

Speaking Engagements

Educational programming for parents, caregivers, and childcare staff.

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Author Visits

Schedule an author visit and book reading at your school, child care facility, therapy or day treatment center, library, or community event!

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Anxiety in Children Checklist

A checklist of signs/symptoms of anxiety arranged into four categories (Physical, Behaviors, Emotions, Thoughts). Can be used for information-gathering purposes or as a way to prepare for conversations with medical providers, teachers, or mental health clinicians.

Be A Fire Breather Poster

A visual guide for using mindful breathing.

Parenting Affirmations

A collection of positive affirmations for parents.

A personal story about looking beneath a child's surface behavior.

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A reminder to parents of non-neurodivergent kids to teach kindness.

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Understanding the difference between self control and self regulation can help you view your behaviors and your child's behaviors in a new light.

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A note about the new name!

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A quick update on what has been going on and hints towards what is coming!

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Looking for a new Christmas tradition? Look here!

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Using a child's interests for learning!

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Cooking is an ideal way to target a variety of skills and can easily be individualized to meet the unique needs of each child.

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Thank you for visiting! I am the mama of 2 boys, aspiring author, and a certified Mad2Glad Parent Coach. I have spent the past 10 years working directly with children and families using play-based, relationship centered strategies. Being the parent of a neurodivergent little human, I have a passion for working with families of children with disabilities with complex communication or behavioral challenges. My work focuses on making complex strategies/concepts more accessible to children and families.

If you have ever read a parenting book and thought: "that is a great idea, but how do I make it work for my family?" that is where I come in!

I enjoy swimming, hula hooping, and I drink far too much coffee. My goal for the blog is to share openly and honestly about my journey both as a parent and as a children’s book writer. You can expect posts with ideas, tips, tools, books, activities, and resources related to social and emotional development. Will there be an occasional poem? Maybe. Will there be Mister Rogers’ quotes? Absolutely.

"The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self" - Fred Rogers
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